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David Richoux tubaman at batnet.com
Sat Jun 4 08:18:47 PDT 2005


That kind of festival can work if you have 10 - 20 bands (like the 
Monterey festival) but the Sacramento audience is way too large for a 
"one hotel festival."   Even the Wintergrass event organizers admit 
that they have some problems with this venue size
( http://www.acousticsound.org/!wg_home.htm )

Dave Richoux

On Jun 4, 2005, at 7:23 AM, Bob Loomis wrote:

>    I'd hoped to make it to at least the Sunday
> portion of the fest but couldn't, as it turned
> out. One thing that looked kind of off-putting
> about the jubilee is the scattered venues ...
> Seems to me it would make sense to try to
> headquarter it in one venue, especially since the
> Old Town aspect seems to be fading.
>    Wintergrass, the annual February bluegrass
> festival, (which usually also has some
> Django-style jazz) has about 6 venues in one
> hotel, the Tacoma Sheraton, and the bands move
> from one to another throughout the fest, so that
> you get more than one chance/venue to see them.
> There's a large main auditorium, a smalelr
> ballroom, a couple of bars and even the hotel
> lobby for performances. The fest also has a
> wonderful venue at a 108-year-old church about
> four blocks from the hotel. The hotel offers
> discounts to festival attendees.
>    Would be nice, IMHO, if the jazz fest could do
> something similar, but maybe with an outdoors
> venue or two near the hotel. Easier said than
> done, I know, but I bet some Sacto. hotel would
> welcome the occupancy that such an arrangement
> would bring. Wintergrass's fest is so popular
> that you have to sign up for a room lottery to
> get a room at the hotel. Other nearby motels and
> hotels reap the overflow.
> Happy Webtrails, Bob Loomis
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