[Dixielandjazz] The Mozart Effect

Burt Wilson futurecon at earthlink.net
Fri Jun 3 10:19:31 PDT 2005


I don't think the Mozart Effect is a fraud at all. Music hath charms in
many ways, to soothe the savage beast or to excite the savage beast. If one
listens to Scriabin, for example, it clears the mind for creative thinking.
Marches take us off to war, excited to kill (also to metaphorically kill on
the football field). The great composers all knew the effects their music
would have on people because all vibrations have an effect. Color and sound
also work together to transmit healing patterns to people. It is important
to understand what kind of vibrations we surround ourselves with. Even the
objects in our homes have vibrations. Paintings have vibrations. But music,
ah, there is the master of all vibrations. That's why the early jazz and
big band patterns drive older people to jazz jubiless and younger people
into rock concerts.

I'm back.


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