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LARRY'S Signs and Large Format Printing wrote:

>I had the same problem.  They encode the recording.  I went to Radio Shack
>and bought a double stereo mini plug that fits both jacks.  I too had
>problems with low volume.  It's kind of tricky to get it right.
>I have a sony mini disk deck also and it won't play the disks if they are
>recorded in any of the long play modes.
>I also have a problem when recording.  Sounds like tambourines will close
>down the AGC and makes a  sound in the headphones.  It's a lot like a
>pressure wave more than a sound.  I have it set for loud music and the mike
>in the more sensitive setting with the Sony stand mike.  I have two mikes.
>One that came with it - the small double mike that can plug directly into
>the recorder.  This mike seems to be fairly hot so I reduce the sensitivity
>on it all the way around.  I bought the other sony mike that is a stereo
>mike that will go on a stand.  It seems to be less sensitive.
>If I record with the stand mike in the least sensitive settings then the
>volume is pretty low but I don't get much of the AGC problem.
>Any Suggestions.  (I know play softer!!!)
>Occasionally I get motor noise if the mike is anywhere on the same surface,
>near the recorder or hanging from the mike stand.  Any Suggestions?  I want
>to put the mike on a stand and put the stand out front somewhere.  I don't
>want to leave the recorder on the floor but I'm afraid if I hang it from the
>mike stand I'll get motor noise.  Has anyone tried isolating the two.  I
>really want to have the recorder on the mike stand somewhere so someone
>won't use it for a hockey puck.
>I bought the recorder because a friend has one and gets good results but his
>is a much older model and doesn't have the encoding that the newer models
>have.  He can make a CD right off of his machine and does not seem to have
>the AGC problems I have.
>Has anyone put a mixer between the walkman output and the computer input so
>you can adjust volume on each channel independently while you record into
>the computer?
>Has anyone used a mike mixer output in the Line In jack of the Mini-Disk?  I
>have some balance issues with mike placement.  I was thinking about using it
>with a mixer so I could get a better balance and not have to set the rig out
>front also I could set up let's say 6 mikes for the band rather than the
>stereo mikes that sony sells.
>Larry Walton
>St. Louis.
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>Hello Rebecca,
>My MiniDisc recorder came with only a fibre optic connector. However by
>plugging a normal mini-jack lead into the headphones socket, I have no
>problems in transferring digital recordings from the recorder to the PC via
>the sound card. The only slight drawback to this is that the signal level is
>lower than all the other sources I use, but as the signal is "clean" volume
>enhancing on the PC cures this.
>I assume that you have eliminated the possibility that you have connected to
>the wrong channel on your software input mixer.
>Hope this helps.
>Bob Smith
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It is most likely a lack of pre amp going in that is behind the low 
volume. I had that problem and solved it by running my out line into the 
receiver of my stereo and adjusting the volume levels there, then fine 
tuning in the computor as I set up to make ,wav files. So far so good. 
Unless your output can pre amp the singal enough to get a d volume to 
beign with, you can not increase it. Even though it may sound good in 
earphones, that doesn't translate into what actually goes into the input 
lines unless there is some pre amp boost.
Hope this works.
Don Ingle

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