[Dixielandjazz] Recording & recording technology

Norman Vickers nvickers1 at cox.net
Wed Jun 1 14:02:17 PDT 2005

Listmates:  Here is a long article from the New Yorker.  Alex Ross'
essay talks about the effects, good and bad, of recording and its effect
on listeners and the artists.  It mentions Louis Armstrong and Bing
Crosby so I think it will pass the  OKOM-test.  I found it interesting
and I hope you will.
It's too long to cut and paste, so if you're interested, then you must
click on the URL.
Norman-don't you, too, have ambivalent feelings about these long New
Yorker articles?- Vickers
Alex Ross: The Record Effect
The New Yorker: The Critics: A Critic At Large

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