[Dixielandjazz] Wiggins is Aging

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Mon Jan 31 20:23:55 PST 2005

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> What Tom Wiggins forgot to mention is that he knew it was his birthday
> because there was a sign taped to his bathroom mirror when he "Woke Up This
> Morning" It said:
> Caution: Object in this mirror are older than they appear.
> Cheers,
> Steve 

You are absolutely right Steve,

It is however a darned shame that I got all the way to 61 before people 
started calling me baby face, :))   And telling me I sure don't look my age.  I 
love it, especially when I get hit on by all them lovely Blues haired ladies, and 
younger ones that I keep throwin' them Mardi Gras Beads at.

Eat you're older than mine heart out good buddy.


Tom (  still Steppin' and Fetchin' it Wiggins)  :))   ROTFLOL

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