[Dixielandjazz] Bill Allred Status

Robert S. Ringwald robert at ringwald.com
Mon Jan 31 10:11:54 PST 2005

This from Bob Cook:

Dear Friends of Bill,
   Many of you ask me from time to time what is the
latest word on Bill. I rec'd an E-mail from him today. The following are 
some of
the things he told me:

1. He will miss playing The Central Illinois Jazz
    Festival in Decatur this next weekend. His
    chemo treatment schedule would have
    precluded it anyhow. He has been
   quite busy lately in Orlando with shows between
   chemotherapy sessions. Today he was not feeling
   so hot. He just had three shots of a special
   medicine to raise his white blood cell count. He
   continues to have good days and some bad days.

2. As part of its annual Midwest tour, the BACJB
   will be playing in the park in Orion, IL on Monday
   June 20th. Bill hopes most of his Quad City friends
   will be there. It is the only gig it will play locally
   this year. Bill plans to buy ads for this gig
   in both the Bix and Catfish newsletters. I know he
   will also appreciate all of us QCA people
   spreading the word via word-of-mouth and E-mail.

3. He's quite proud of his brand new band trailer.

4. Son John is currently in Australia touring with
   Harry Connick Jr. They are keeping in touch by E-

5. Bill asked me to say "hello" to our friend Jim
   Maihack while I'm at the Decatur jazz fest.

6. Despite his health concerns, Bill is starting to
    think about a new CD by the band.

7. Despite feeling so bad right now, he continues to
    keep a positive attitude, and says he is  quite
    satisfied with his treatment and medical team.

8. In addition to the E-mail from Bill today, I talked
    briefly with him on the phone, and have his
    permission to send this message to you. He told
    me to please say "hello" to all of you for him.
    He appreciates all the supporting contacts he has
    rec'd from his friends from (literally) around the

9. My suggestion is: If you haven't written to him yet,
    do it now. If you have before, do it again.

                              Sincerely,     Bob Cook

--Bob Ringwald K6YBV
Placerville, CA USA

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