[Dixielandjazz] Sunset Cafe Stomp lyrics

David W. Littlefield dwlit at cpcug.org
Mon Jan 31 05:57:48 PST 2005

Has anyone doped out the indistinct lyrics of May Alix's vocal on "Sunset
Cafe stomp"?

Here's what I have. The [brackets] are the problems. 

Sunset Cafe stomp
Sunset Stomp,/   got folks jumpin'   Sunset Stomp./   got folks bumpin'
Up and down,/   all around,/   they yell band man    play some more./
Charleston,   Charleston,   |I'll say it's   hot,// but the
Black/ Bottom   is got 'em,/ but   oh that Sunset    Stomp. Love//
is goin',//   |the people   say,///   /// cre-
Ated in a   crazy house,/   gets good folks in-   sane.///
Gentlemen,/   ladies too,/   [not to [ ]  is   wrong.// They
Lose their heads/   [  ]   doin' that Sunset Stomp, I say
Doin' Sunset   Stomp.///


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