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> Dear Rocky, Tom, Steve (and all the others involved in this thread),
> Mention has been made of three organizations claiming to collect royalties
> on behalf of the composers in the US.
> Does that mean there are three separate sets of performance fees for each
> establishment, record label or radio station?
> Or have they divided the territory up between themselves?
> We have similar, but seemingly less draconian, situation here in Oz.

Hi Bill:

Yes, there are Three separate organizations attempting to do the same thing, 
they just claim to have different members for whom they collect royalties, 
therefore when one of them throws a lawsuit onto some small or even large entity 
it is usually the kiss of death because the other two will shortly follow with 
actions of their own.

ASCAP and BMI have most of the action in Traditional and Pop music, and SESAC 
has a heavy hand in Gospel music which ASCAP and BMI sort of left the door 
open in years past far enough for SESAC to get a foothold.  I also believe SESAC 
is more active in Europe as well.

It all started getting out of hand with the invention of the JUKEBOX and 
placing them in all the bars and restaurants along with cigarette machines, gum 
machines, etc. 



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