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> I think everyone would agree that trademarks should  be able to be extended
> almost indefinitely.  Patents are good for 17 years to prevent monopolies
> and big business from dominating technology and products.  It's hard to
> understand why written or other works of art should be virtually protected
> forever except on an individual basis.  Like anything there are two sides to
> the story.

AHHH yes, so now we HAVE THREE MONOPOLIES operating to protect the poor 
songwriters, ASCAP BMI and SESAC. so they can't be construed as Monopolies, sort of 
like Microsoft and Apple in today's world.   And we have the Teamsters and 
the AFL CIO trade unions, not to mention the American Federation of Musicians 
and The Actors Guild, etc,etc, In the founding days the Families divided up the 
territories for collection.

Some of you folks must remember the old NUMBERS rackets and how they 
operated, with the Runners to collect the cash every day.   hummm.  Not to mention how 
and why Insurance companies were originated.   Perhaps we should all go back 
and watch the God Father again.  :))   Those were the Good OLE Days remember?

Or the division of Pacific Bell, who had a monopoly on our telephone service 
in California, sure glad it is gone now and we have two phone companies to 
hate especially when we find out that no matter who you choose to be your phone 
company, the same company  (albeit under a name change) still delivers you 
service to your house through their phone lines, and when you need repairs the 
same guys shows up with a newly painted truck with the new Logo on it.

There ought to be a law!!!     You can bet there is.  :))

Tom Wiggins

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