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I recall being very excited about being hired to play a gig for Ray Charles 
circa 1970.  When I got to the gig, I was working for Ray Charles, alright. 
He was the Ray Charles of "The Ray Charles Singers."

He was a nice enough man but not at all what I'd been anticipating!

Being a native of Iowa, the term "shucks!" came to mind at the time.  In 
retrospect I can think of better if nastier words.

Never did get to meet or hear the "other" Ray Charles.


Dick B
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>> Has anyone seen the Ray Charles movie. I went on Sunday. Very good. The
>> music was great - bit too much on the drugs story but all in all well 
>> worth
>> seeing.
> I also liked the movie.  I really felt I was watching Ray in real time. 
> The
> synching of sound and image was great and how they recreated the ambiance 
> of
> the 1950s was awesome.
> Actually, I thought the coverage of the drug element was about right.
> Remember that drugs and jazz musicians had been partners for the years 
> when bands
> took to the roads for months at a time.  Louis referred to marijuana as 
> muggles
> and was an open advocate (in his letters) of smoking weed.  It is not
> surprising that those terrible working hours and estrangement from family 
> life was a
> inducement to trying the stuff.  Amazing that Ray could perform so well in
> spite of the habit.  Remember, too, that alcohol and nicotine are also 
> drugs,
> albeit of a lesser danger, but addicting none-the-less and damaging to the 
> body
> and mind.  Perhaps this movie will act as a lesson to young musicians who 
> see
> the movie.  We can hope this will help them think twice before going high. 
> I
> used to favor scotch and soda on gigs, but in recent years stick to 
> "bartender's
> lemonade": sour mix with 7 UP!  I just don't like those headaches when 
> waking
> up late the next day.
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