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> Has anyone seen the Ray Charles movie. I went on Sunday. Very good. The
> music was great - bit too much on the drugs story but all in all well worth
> seeing. 
I also liked the movie.  I really felt I was watching Ray in real time.  The 
synching of sound and image was great and how they recreated the ambiance of 
the 1950s was awesome.

Actually, I thought the coverage of the drug element was about right.  
Remember that drugs and jazz musicians had been partners for the years when bands 
took to the roads for months at a time.  Louis referred to marijuana as muggles 
and was an open advocate (in his letters) of smoking weed.  It is not 
surprising that those terrible working hours and estrangement from family life was a 
inducement to trying the stuff.  Amazing that Ray could perform so well in 
spite of the habit.  Remember, too, that alcohol and nicotine are also drugs, 
albeit of a lesser danger, but addicting none-the-less and damaging to the body 
and mind.  Perhaps this movie will act as a lesson to young musicians who see 
the movie.  We can hope this will help them think twice before going high.  I 
used to favor scotch and soda on gigs, but in recent years stick to "bartender's 
lemonade": sour mix with 7 UP!  I just don't like those headaches when waking 
up late the next day.  

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