[Dixielandjazz] RE: "MARDI GRAS: MADE IN CHINA"

David Richoux tubaman at batnet.com
Wed Jan 26 15:48:21 PST 2005


the Chinese factory  in question MAKES MARDI GRAS BEADS!   Not anything 

Did you actually read the review at the link I posted? I did not post 
the entire review of the film (which, BTW,  also goes in to other 
aspects of Mardi Gras culture) but simply (in effect) encouraged those 
who might be interested to read the entire article.

I have copied the original message below.

Dave Richoux
On Jan 26, 2005, at 3:10 PM, Bill Gunter wrote:

> Mike Logsdon sez to me (about Mardi Gras:Made In China):
>> Mr Gunter!  Such hooey from your fingers!  Mardi Gras beads is more 
>> ON-topic that much of what passes for on-topic in this list!,
> The use of the words "Mardi Gras Beads" may be a rather tenuous link 
> to OKOM. The subject (see subject box above) "MARDI GRAS: MADE IN 
> CHINA" is actually the title of a documentary film at the Sundance 
> film festival which dealt with the terrible working conditions in a 
> Chinese factory.
> So, if my comments are "hooey" as suggested by Mike L. will someone 
> please point out to me the salient references to OKOM in the body of 
> the original post under this same subject!
>> Ever wonder who actually makes all of those cheap Mardi Gras beads?
>> http://www.filmthreat.com/Reviews.asp?Id=6817
>> here is a snip:
>> ...takes us on an intimate tour of a bead factory in China, the 
>> largest manufacturer of Mardi Gras beads in the world, and we get to 
>> take a look at the other side of the booze and pill fueled good 
>> times…and yes, it sucks. This film will also make you realize that 
>> maybe your life really isn’t all that bad because you had to do an 
>> hour of overtime last week. The people, mostly women, working in this 
>> factory string beads and paint ornaments for 12 to 20 hours a day, 
>> six or seven days a week for ten cents an hour...
>> I am going to be looking for this film on the Sundance Channel this 
>> year!
>> Dave Richoux

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