[Dixielandjazz] High Profile California Gig Alert

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Thu Jan 13 10:31:25 PST 2005

For all you Northern California folks that have wanted to see and hear Saint 
Gabriel's Celestial Brass Band and never done so we would like to invite you 
to do so :

On Tuesday JAN, 18th 2005  IN Sacramento, California  12:00 Noon

While we are doing this for the California Nurses Association we are 
dedicating this Funeral to our fallen friends in Jazz, Jim Bebee, Bob Craven and of 
course Ray Charles, and in their memories and to all the other fine Jazz 
musicians who left us in the past year.   

We will perform an Authentic New Orleans Jazz Funeral for the California 
Nurses Association.    The Procession will start at the Sacramento Convention 
Center and travel over to the State Capitol Building where we will lead the 
Procession around the Capitol.

The Nurses will carry Five Coffins to signify the burial of five important 
bills by the Governor Terminator that have greatly affected the Nurses and 
Health care for the citizens of California.  There will be 300 Nurses with 
umbrellas in the second line procession as well.

If you cannot attend the Funeral just watch the News and the State Newspapers 
for the details and full coverage which is sure to follow.   

Maybe, just Maybe this will move Saint Gabriel's Celestial Brass Band up to 
position #499 on the waiting list of bands to be invited to play the Sacramento 
Jubilee.  :))

Come on out and enjoy the Show.   Maybe even SECOND LINE :))

Tom Wiggins
Saint Gabriel's Celestial Brass Band

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