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> it's annoying to open no-subject items and 
> find it about a concert in Iceland, or something.--Charlie Suhor
Oh Contrare Charlie,  I welcome opening any NO Subject post that announces a 
Concert in Iceland, Outer Mongolia, or Siberia, especially if the return email 
address works.

Yet another possible gig for my band or some other band,   Just had a friend 
came back from a very successful tour for three weeks in Russia in the 
Siberian region, paid better than most USA dates for OKOM as well.   Contrary to what 
we have been told for decades, in the USA by the powers that Be, there is 
plenty of Money in Russia but you gotta go through the red tape to get to it, not 
to mention the people are warm and friendly too once they find they can Trust 
You too!  :))   Moscow is now on the list of most expensive cities to live 
in, and you can't live their without money, so far their population numbers are 
not slipping.

Gotta find the work and then figure out how to go get it.

I happen to be working on some dates in Iceland right now, they have an 
International Airline there which is a major sponsor of their jazz festivals, and 
they offer Transatlantic Airplane rides for bands on their way to tour in 
Europe and Scandinavia, which make many smaller festivals and bookings possible for 
touring bands.  :))

Like I say all the time, Opportunity Knocks every day and even now in our 
pesky mail boxes, but we still have to get up and answer the door, or at least 
open the e-mail, :))

One never knows what wonderful things lurk in emails, do they??  well "The 
Shadow Knows",  :))


Tom (Keep them cards and letters coming) Wiggins

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