[Dixielandjazz] T'ain't or Tain't or Taint. Definitely not OKOM

PATRICK LADD pj.ladd at btinternet.com
Wed Jan 12 13:07:54 PST 2005

 Taint is found in all English dictionaries while the other versions are 

I will bet this version is not found in any dictionary.

`Yur, thees aint never bin no wur, ast?`

For the benefit of those poor benighted mortals not born in the County of 
Wiltshire, that jewel which shines brightest in the necklace of fifty two 
which  adorn the throat of Great Britain;  and other breeds without the law, 
it means..

`Consider,  you have never been anywhere, have you`

Not many people know that.


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