[Dixielandjazz] Lindy Hop Origins.

Steve barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Wed Jan 12 07:19:44 PST 2005

The Book "Jazz, A History of American Music" (Ken Burns) states on page 174:

"The Savoy billed itself as ' The Home Of Happy Feet'. All the best bands
appeared there. So did Harlem's most admired dancers. George "Shorty"
Snowden was on the floor nearly every night. It was he who in 1928 had come
up with the new dance filled with improvised 'breakaways'-flinging his
partner out and improvising solo steps before bringing her back again -which
came to be called the lindy hop after the hero of the hour, Charles

Other sources quote the following"

"Snowden is often given credit for giving Lindy Hop its name. As the story
goes, there was a charity dance-marathon in New York City in 1928, shortly
after Charles Lindbergh's triumphant "hop" across the Atlantic. A reporter
saw Snowden break away from his partner and improvise a few steps in a style
that was popular in Harlem. "What was that!?" he asked. Snowden thought for
a few seconds and replied, "I'm doin' the Hop...the Lindy Hop". The name

The Savoy opened in 1926 or 1927 depending upon which source you believe.
Lindbergh flew across in 1927. The dance style may have started earlier, but
would not have been called "Lindy Hop" until after the flight.

Makes sense as above, but who knows?

Steve Barbone

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