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> To ALL you good people.....the incredible number of messages in the past few 
> weeks seems to beg the question "When is too many TOO MANY!??!! I am forced 
> to 
> delete most. I invite LIMITED   RESPONSE to this question.(ONE VERY WELL 
> THOUGHT OUT REPLY?     al singer
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With all due respect to your suggestion Al, we have 480 members on this list, 
and Mr. Ringwald wants us all to get at least one more each.  It is going to 
get worse no doubt.

That being said, it is meant to be an open forum for people with like 
interests and disinterest to speak up and share stories, ideas, history and music 
that obviously most of us can't find anywhere else or we would not have joined 
this list or stayed on it for so long.

If we all knew where to get the answers specifically we would just "ask 
Jeeves" or go to the library and try to find it.  Fortunately we have found this 
list of pretty well rounded folks with incredible knowledge about a subject that 
binds us together due to the unselfish sharing of this information with 
everyone who wishes to read it.

I keep my computers on 24/7 because I do business all around the world and 
there are great time differences to deal with, I thoroughly enjoy participating 
in threads on the DJML in between the myriad of other emails I receive all day 
and night.

I use the delete button so much that I can no longer read it on this 
computer, and my computer is also set up to dump any incoming email with (No Subject) 
in the subject line into the Spam folder, where I fished yours out of, because 
I recognized your name as the sender and value your opinions on this list as 
much as I do anyone else's, which is a great deal.  I actually have a filing 
cabinet full of wonderful posts from this list that I save for reference to for 
future use just in case I forget some things.  Which I do daily. :))

I have learned more about OKOM and some genres of music on this list than I 
would have otherwise ever learned from not being able to converse with the 
folks on this list.  I also learned the incredible value of some list members with 
long thought out replies, and others with short snippets of relative 
information, which fills in the blanks in many instances to collect the full picture 
of what we have been discussing.

I doubt that any of us have ALL the answers, but collectively we have a vast 
vault of knowledge about music and a host of other subjects that often relate 
to it and it's usage.

Now I will stop as I have reached the limit of my thinking and must get back 
to my DELETE Key.  :))

Sorry if I am now the 480th reply to (no subject)  :))

Now don't get mad and please don't go away Al. 


Tom Wiggins

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