[Dixielandjazz] World's greatest trumpet player??? Bob Barnard???

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> of course, being in a church that absolutely forbade 
> listening to, dancing to, or playing any kind of  "modern" music, ESPECIALLY 
> JAZZ, didn't help a bit!!
> Guess what?? All of the schools I attended growing up, now have jazz AND 
> swing bands!
> It was an almost mortal sin then, but it's OK now!!
> Bob (no sinner here)Romans

As you know Deacon Bob,  I grew up in a similar church, and suffered the same 
fate, but now look at what has finally happened.

We Have Overcome Thank God Almighty We have Overcome.

My former chruch has made it up to a Brass Band ensemble, but they are only 
allowed to play Classical, Christmas and Church music.  No Jazz, and Silent 
Night is about as close to Jazz as they get and they play that at a Funeral Dirge 

For Blues The Play The Old Rugged Cross at the same tempo.

No Swingin allowed roun deah!   That's still considered to be the Devil's 

Sure glad I an't goin' to their section of Heaven sure gonna be boring in 
that neighborhood, and there won't be any Black folks in that part of their 
Heaven either.   Dey gonna have dey own neighborhood jist like many places heah on 

I'm gonna move into the Honky Tonk side, got me a room reserved in the New 
House of the Rising Sun in the Storyville section, right between the liquor 
store and the Pentecostal Evangelical Church with the  Poisonous Snake 

If any members make it, we'll leave the Red Light on for you, just like Motel 

Celestially,  :))

Rev- Tom-Bob

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