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Another long time lurker comes out of hiding.

First recorded Oct 31 1927 on the Gennett label in Richmond, IN, it was Star
Dust.  Two words.  In 1929 when Mitchell Parish was hired to provide words,
it became a one word title, Stardust.  Complete information can be found in
the book "Jelly Roll, Bix and Hoagy:Gennett Studios and the Birth of
Recorded Jazz"  by Rick Kennedy.  Also there you will find lyrics written by
Hoagy in 1928, but never recorded.

Carol in Ohio
Member of the Starr-Gennett Foundation in Richmond IN

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> Dear listmates,
> I wonder if you can tell me the correct writing for the following titles:
> Moon Glow    or    Moonglow
> Star Dust    or    Stardust.
> And what about titles beginning with:
> 'Tain't    or  T'ain't    or 't Ain't      ???
> Another "problem" for a discographer is: Should I copy the titles as
> on the record label or sleeve, also when it's not correct or should I
> give the correct title used by the composer(s) (as far as known)?
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