[Dixielandjazz] Correct spelling

Gerard Bielderman gerardbielderman at freeler.nl
Mon Jan 10 06:14:01 PST 2005

Dear listmates,

I wonder if you can tell me the correct writing for the following titles:
Moon Glow    or    Moonglow
Star Dust    or    Stardust.
And what about titles beginning with:
'Tain't    or  T'ain't    or 't Ain't      ???

Another "problem" for a discographer is: Should I copy the titles as listed
on the record label or sleeve, also when it's not correct or should I always
give the correct title used by the composer(s) (as far as known)?

P.S. For those interested, I have a new e-mail address:
gerard.bielderman at tiscali.nl
but the old one is still valid.....

Gerard Bielderman / Leie 18 / 8032 ZG  ZWOLLE / Netherlands
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