[Dixielandjazz] F2F in Washington DC today

Steve barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Sun Jan 9 19:40:12 PST 2005

Just got back from a 200 drive (roundtrip) for a F2F with some list mates in
Washington DC.

Drove down to play at the Potomac River Jazz Club's Open Jam Session where
the host band was the Washington Conservatory Traditional Jazz Band. 3 PM to
6 PM.

Howard Kadison Dms, Larry Cione Pno, Wally Garner Clt, Pete Ostle Dbl bs,
Dave Sager Tb and DJMLer Dave Robinson cor, tp, flg.

Wally couldn't get there in time to start (another gig) so I played the
first set in his place. Wonderful band. This is a program for aspiring trad
jazz players with sit ins welcome. A once a month deal with list mate Audrey
Van Dyke helping program the jammers, and manning the door.

Sheik (David Littlefield) was also there along with his fake book assortment
for those who needed some help. Got to play 2 tunes with him in the band,
plus a fine jazz violinist (Susan, about 45) and another trombonist.

Dave Sager also provided chord charts and I needed one for the first tune,
which name I cannot remember now. Except it was in Ab and the bridge was
identical to the bridge in Sugar.

The Washington Conservatory Trad Band is excellent. They are performing
regularly in the DC area and I believe even have some Federal art grant
money to promote the music. I think they'll have a CD out shortly. Bless
them for providing the back-up for this type of program. We should all be
doing more of it. Perhaps Dave can fill us in about the CD and the Federal
Grant money?

Wally arrived about an hour into the session, and since there were 3 other
clarinet players ready to play, wife Martha and I left for the ride home and
the slightly late evening grain feeding program for our horses. (They were
glad to see us)

It was a great treat to see list mates Dave Robinson, Sheik and Audrey as
well as drummer Howard Kadison one of the finest drummers of the genre and a
long time pal. Hadn't played with him for a year and wish we lived closer.

Even had a couple in the audience ask me when my band was playing with
Jonathan Russell again. January 24, 120 miles from here in New Jersey. "We
can hardly wait", they said. Now that's a fan, someone who will drive that
far to see you. I can hardly wait to tell 9 year old Jonathan.

Steve Barbone

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