[Dixielandjazz] Re: Cow Cow Blues

Bill Haesler bhaesler at bigpond.net.au
Sun Jan 9 14:47:12 PST 2005

Dear John,
The tune on Classics 1083 is indeed the Charles 'Cow Cow' Davenport
(1894-1955) tune.
I'm playing it now, just to make sure.
This later Price version (he did it for Decca on 13 March 1940, with his
Texas Blusicians - credited to Davenport) was taken from Mezz Mezzrow's King
Jazz Label 78 recorded on 27 March 1945.
Notwithstanding some other DJMLer's discographal-based replies to your
query, in cases like this, particularly with the unpredictable Sammy Price,
it is wise to aurally check the source.
The original Sammy Price solos for King Jazz 78s were issued under the name
Jimmy Blythe Jr. as Sammy was still working as a house pianist, recording
supervisor for Decca. He was there for over 17 years.
He was born Samuel Blythe Price on 6 Oct 1908 in Orange Grove, Texas.
[I have also seen 'Sunset' claimed for his first name. Perhaps someone (Fred
Spencer?) with Sammy's autobiography 'What Do They Want', Bayou Press 1989,
may wish to check this.]
I once asked Sammy about the Jimmy Blythe Jr pseudonym and whether he had
ever met the Chicago-based pioneer pianist Jimmy Blythe (1901-1931). He
confirmed the contractual reason, and regretted that he had never met the
'real' Jimmy Blythe.
I assume that Sammy Price was given composer credit for this 1945 version of
"Cow Cow Blues" to avoid paying royalties to whatever company held claim to
it by that time.
Kind regards,


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