[Dixielandjazz] Down in Honky Tonk Town

George Thurmond gmthur at delrio.com
Sun Jan 9 13:16:25 PST 2005

        IMHO, the best recorded version of Honky Tonk Town is the 1940 Decca
18091 by Louis Armstrong with Sidney Bechet, Claude Jones, Luis Russell,
Bernard Addison, Wellman Braud, and Zutty Singleton.  No vocal, but it
really swings, even on the verse.  Most bands don't seem to know the verse,
and at least never play it.  This recording was the first time I even heard
of the tune, and I've never heard a better rendition since.  Louis and
Sidney had a good time on this one.

        But I agree with Rich Skrika - it's correct title probably is "Down
In Honky Tonky Town".  The additional syllable "ky" in Tonky fits the music

George Thurmond

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