[Dixielandjazz] Church Question

BillSargentDrums at aol.com BillSargentDrums at aol.com
Sun Jan 9 10:21:22 PST 2005

There is a huge difference between playing in churches, as in the context  of 
a performance, and worshiping and praising God with music in churches.
Either it comes from your head, or it is part of your belief and conviction  
and becomes one with you heart, your spirit and your soul.
Music is mentioned 1,028 times in the Bible. Very high priority with  God.
Those who play, but don't believe . . . well, it's empty . . .  hollow.
It's a spiritual thing, not a technical capability thing.
BTW, God loves jazz.
(4 rehearsals and 4 services today)
PS, For you drummers out there . . . last night was a blast! We did our  "War 
Drums" as part of a 48 hour Worship and Intercession. 6 drummers on drum  
sets, 5 percussionists with percussion set-ups, for 2 1/2 hours continuous  
playing in the Spirit. Incredible as always!

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