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> I've never had any problems in churches. One person complained to the
> Catholic Bishop about a jazz band playing in church, but he was very
> enthusiastic about it. Quite often the Priest or minister will say a prayer
> before or after the gig and I always quote psalm 150 - praise God with the
> sound of the trumpet and the loud clashing cymbals.
> The late Ken Colyer used to refer to playing in churches as doing a spot of
> God bothering.
> cheers
> John Petters

Hi John:

I too have had tremendous response and great money performing at and for 
Cathedrals and Catholic Churches all over Italy and Sicily, especially in 
December.  I have been touring there for the past fourteen years with Black Gospel 
shows and they are promoted and advertised as "GOSPEL el BLUES Spectacolos" on 
one tour we also were taken out to perform our high energy Gospel shows in big 
Discos and Opera houses and even twice at the Vatican.  Most of them were to 
predominately non English speaking audiences, who loved the music and danced and 
clapped their hands like they were in a Camp Meeting or Revival service in 
Alabama or Mississippi.

It is a great feeling to get standing ovations under those circumstances and 
feel genuine appreciation for your musical offerings from grateful audiences 
that have been deeply moved and inspired just by MUSIC.  And I have also never 
brought any Records, Cassettes or CDs back home from the tours always sell 
them all.


Love that Old Time Religion Music.

Tom Wiggins

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