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> One of the best "Southern Baptist style" Gospel Chorus I have ever 
> heard is the Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir - they have had members 
> that are Buddhists, Moslem, Practicing Jews, Shintoists and just about 
> every variety of Christian over their long history - and they are 
> really, really good!  I have performed with them at several festivals 
> in the San Francisco Bay Area and they also have no problem with the 
> religion of Jazz... ;-)
>  They have a website: www.oigc.org
I second that Emotion,  I too have played concerts and festivals with them 
and they are wonderful and the most Professional of such choruses that I have 
ever met or worked with in years of Black Gospel Music events.

The director is Terrence Kelly, son of the legendary Oakland  longtime 
Educator/Keyboardist Ed Kelly who unfortunately suffered a massive stroke a couple 
of years back and is now unable to perform any longer.   I saw Ed back in Dec. 
at a concert in Berkeley and he unfortunately had another stroke during the 
concert.  I have not heard yet how  bad it was, they took him away in an 

An old and dear friend of many Bay Area musicians.

Tom Wiggins

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