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> Having said all that my new vocalist is Jewish.  Since we have a dozen or 
> so
> Christian tunes in the book I was planning to try and book some of the
> churches in the area that have regular musical events.  Any advise on how I
> should approach her on doing them or just forget about it?

Hi Larry:

 If she is or wants to be a Professional Singer, she needs to understand that 
you sing what the Bandleader calls to make the gig go smoothly and give the 
audience and or buyer what they paid for and want.  If not send her packing, it 
probably would not be the first or last time for her in her career.

Besides, she should understand that the most famous and Favorite Christmas 
Song in the Jewish Repertoire is, "What a Friend We Have In Jesus"   as they 
count their Christmas shopping sales receipts every year from the Gentiles.  :))

Then tell her that the band has no problem playing Hava Naguila  (Spelling) 
at all the Bar Mitzvahs and Jewish Weddings etc.  We are supposed to be 
Professional Musicians being paid to perform whatever the buyer wishes, if we cannot 
or will not do that then we should become plumbers or something else.


OLE REV- Tom-Bob Wiggins
Who Loves to play That Old Time Religion music and Jazz it up, which makes my 
Mother's   Baptist church cringe, since it becomes very difficult for them 
not to get up and dance which they don't think folks should do.  Seems they 
overlooked that scripture in the Good Book that said they would be Dancing in the 
Streets shouting alleluia's.

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