[Dixielandjazz] Re: Dixielandjazz Digest, Vol 25, Issue 16

Jka361 at aol.com Jka361 at aol.com
Sat Jan 8 08:00:35 PST 2005

Hi  I have been reading all of your comments with some delight, some  
trepidation and some astonishment at the fact of the knowledge that  you all possess 
about what ever subject matter you are conversing about. I know  very little 
about almost nothing. I was in law enforcement in the USA for over  thirty 
years. Had always been on the fringes of the entertainment business and  in 1995 
started to play the bass. Got hung up with some great dixie land  musicians and 
I loved every minute of it. Played at  AL MUISE'S house in  his basement 
called the Rat Hole with local players for several years.  Played at several grave 
side services for the families of the departed members  of this amazing group 
of people. none of the names matter, what does matter  is that are not 
forgotten. I now play in a duo at The  Wentworth By  the Sea Hotel in New Hampshire, 
USA. I sing a lot of the Fats Waller tunes that  I learned at the Rat Hole. 
This just my contribution to let you all know that we  are alive and well in 
Massachusetts USA. My Web Site is  Styleisbackinstyle.com. I'll keep reading and 
passing along the dixie ;and  web site to all my friends. T"ill next year  
keep swinging.  JIM 

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