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> In the professional music business no one owns a chair.  The more amateur
> the group the more chairs are owned by individuals.  The same can be said
> for  teachers many of whom are hired on a yearly contract although in some
> states they might get tenure.
> The owners of this camp are like band leaders and other business owners.
> They are not bound to keep someone on if they don't want them.  In business
> reshuffling takes place everyday.
> So I would say to those teachers - get a life and get real.  This is the
> real world.
> Having said that I think the management of this camp is being very stupid.
> Basic managerial training says that when you take over a new job as manager
> you don't try to change the world because if you try to make changes too
> fast you will have a revolt on your hands.  Guess what they've got a revolt
> and a war that no one will win.

Yep, I'm hip to that. Here's something I learned in a Business Seminar long
ago from Tom Peters, or Peter Drucker, or W. Edwards Demming, or somebody
like that:

"Whenever you think your ass weighs a ton, that you are indispensable or
irreplaceable, put your hand in a pail full of water. You are now part of
the sum total. Now, take your hand out. What happens? The water fills in the
spot where your hand was. Just as if it was never there.

I think though, that there will be a winner, there always is. Depends which
historian writes about it 50 years later. Something else, this time from
John Maynard Keynes. "In the long run, we are dead."

So go for it in the short run and make those changes.

Musical Content? "Just A Little While To Stay Here." ;-) VBG

Steve Barbone

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