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Ain't it the truth!!
Bob R.
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> I just finished watching the half-time show and couldn't believe it when 
> the
> crowd booed Ashley Simpson!!  That's what you get when you lip-sync on 
> SNL.
> I wish the crowd would have booed the whole half time show, as well as the
> barely recognizable imitation of the national anthem.  We have talked 
> about such
> things before, I know, but what passed for some kind of music at this game
> should have been banned from the airwaves.  Considering both universities 
> have
> wonderful bands, the rock n roll and country crap that was presented was 
> even
> more of a tragedy.  Is this really the kind of crap that the TV football
> audience wants to see and hear?  Janet Jackson's left boob was better than 
> what went
> on tonight, I think.
> And we all wonder why it gets harder and harder to make a living playing
> music with an actual melody, played by someone who actually studied how to 
> do it.
> Mike Vax
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