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john p birchall jpb at meister.u-net.com
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I have a 'Band in a Box' version of 'Bass Ale Blues'
but unfortunately no lyrics
contact me if anyone is interested

cheers and beers
john p birchall
Bush sax player from Chester

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> Dear Dan,
> This reply is later than intended, due to social, family, jazz and other
> holiday interruptions here.
> Re your "Bass Ale Blues" query.
> It was composed in 1925 by Phil Napoleon and Frank Signorelli and recorded
> by the Original Memphis Five on 3 occasions.
> Like many of these 1920s 'throwaway' record sessions little file 
> information
> is available, but discographers have managed to put it together over the
> years. The following now appears to be the accepted personnel for the
> several dates.
> Original Memphis Five.
> 1.  Recorded on 17 Sept 1925 for Victor with composer credit to
> Napoleon-Signorelli-Jackson. I have this on LP and CD.
> Phil Napoleon, c/tu; Jimmy Lytell, cl; Miff Mole, tb; Frank Signorelli, p;
> Jack Roth, d.
> This version was issued on Jazz Archive CD No. 149. (1595542.)
> 2.  Recorded for Brunswick on 23 Jan 1926 but actually issued on Vocalion
> 15234 as by The Hottentots. I have this on LP and CD.
> Red Nichols, c; Dick Johnson, cl; Miff Mole, tb; Frank Signorelli, p; Joe
> Tarto, tu.  This version was issued on CD. Retrieval RTR79010.
> The studio file card indicates 7 men which is confirmed by the fact that
> tuba and banjo were included on one title each. There was a drummer on the
> date which may be Ray Bauduc. This whole session needs revision in
> discographies, because of the varied instrumentation and suspect
> identification of personnel. But now is not the time.
> 3.  Recorded for Pathe/Perfect on 1 March 1926.
> Red Nichols, c; Dick Johnson, cl; Miff Mole, tb; Frank Signorelli, p; Ray
> Bauduc, d.
> This version is on a new Retrieval CD (79044) which I have ordered, but am
> still waiting for. I therefore cannot confirm the personnel or
> instrumentation.
> "Bass Ale Blues" was also recorded by Joe Candullo on 23 Feb 1926 (Harmony
> 150-H) and 2 Sept 1926 (Edison 51826) but I have never heard these.
> None of the issued versions have vocals.
> We would need to find the sheet music to see if there are any words.
> Kind regards,
> Bill.
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