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Mon Jan 3 09:14:38 PST 2005

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> But in many parts of Sri Lanka, Malaysia and India (and other places) things 
> are anything but normal so any possible help must be welcome. A minimum 
> death 
> toll of 125,000 plus up to 5,000,000 homeless is something requiring help 
> from 
> all people of the richer world.
> Jerry,
> Norwich,
> U.K

Absolutely Jerry, however it should be noted that the message of the website 
Dave posted was to encourage tourists from all over the world to continue to 
book dates and go there in the immediate and near future to keep the economy 
rolling in the region so they can help themselves.

Over Two Billion dollars has already been allocated for financial help so far 
and it is rising hourly from around the world as the situation is monitored 
and the needs assessed properly and practically to be of the best use.

Now it would really be nice if someone would sponsor a Big OKOM Festival 
there soon with the proceeds going to the relief fund.


Tom Wiggins

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