[Dixielandjazz] Do You Do Weddings?

Steve barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Tue Jan 4 13:02:38 PST 2005

Glad to see this thread again.

Like Kash, we also do weddings. They pay BIG BUCKS. Especially some of the
high profile ones we do for the Rich & Anonymous along the Main Line in the
Philadelphia Area.

We also play the Rumbas, Sambas, Bossa Novas, and Jump Blues at them. And we
pride ourselves that we can do requests like the at last one, "Perry Como's
Impossible", or "Night Train", or Django's "Nuages", or "Fly Me To The
Moon", etc. But make no mistake, It's 80% Dixieland and 100% Jazz.

These long green gigs are what pay the food bill for working musicians, e.g.
those who make their living 100% as musicians. That includes 5 out of 6 in
my band. And there is a psychic benefit in playing those strange requests.
It is fun to see guests marvel that you can play their favorite tune without
any music. 

The other thing we do is ace out the DJ. I bring a CD player and hook it to
my Fender 250 Portable Sound System. I play whatever they want on the band
breaks. Many times Bride/Groom burn their own CDs for me to play. Most
supply special CDs.

Or they get a copy of "Willie Nelson's Stardust" because the Bride and
Father (a Nelson Fan) want it for their dance. And why not, it's a great
rendition that popularized the tune for millions of people who never heard
of Hoagy Carmichael, Isham Jones, or Artie Shaw.

Result, something musically for everybody. Plus, referrals leading to more
high paying gigs. 

Other than women, money is what keeps us guys alive, no? And if you can make
it doing something you love, what could be better?

Yep, "Jazz Weddings" that's where 10% of our gigs come from and they account
for about 20% of the sideman income.

Steve Barbone

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