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Steve barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 3 12:47:20 PST 2005

on 1/3/05 2:14 PM, Jeanne Brei at TinPanAlleyCat at cox.net wrote: (polite

> Hey Steve,
> thank you, thank you, thank you for this list -- I'm going to be in New
> Orleans for work from Jan 15-19 -- so I'll be checking this all out -- I
> haven't been in over 10 years so I'm really looking forward to it...
> By the way, I caught Bobby Scann playing trombone with Buddy Grecco's
> show about Peggy Lee and told him that you mentioned him on the DJML...he
> raved about you and your band and said you guys are really awesome!
> thanks,
> Jeanne Brei
> Tin Pan Alley Cat Entertainment
> 702.254.3832, Las Vegas NV

Hi Jeanne: 

I'm glad the list was helpful. Also glad you saw Bobby Scann. First time I
ever saw him, I thought he was Tony Bennett's brother. Real look alike, same
smile. Neat guy, solid player. We all had a great time that day.

That came about because his sister, who lives in PA, ran across us at a
public gig for a township festival and she was performing in costume as a
clown. She came up later and we exchanged cards. Then, before Bobby came to
visit her, back East, she called me, got our schedule and was able to bring
him to the gig at the Ice Cream Festival where he sat in with us.

He also took a private Trombone Lesson with our TB player, Glenn Dodson.
BTW, our guitarist played with Peggy Lee for a year in the 1960s. We always
mention that in his intro at Club dates along with this routine after
mentioning that PL was also a composer:

"She even wrote a song about him called "Is That All There is?" Gets a big
laugh and he feigns outrage, wags his finger at me and says in a stage
whisper, "No it was Fever". And so I feign embarrassment and say. "Oops,
sorry folks, it was 'Fever'". Then at odd intervals throughout the set he'll
catch some girl's eye and holler "Fever", at me, while winking at her.

Have a great time in N.O. Be sure to say hello to Jack Fine if you get to
where he is playing in Algiers. He has some GREAT stories about Jazz and
jazz musicians in the New York City of our youth.


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