[Dixielandjazz] Bass Ale Blues

David Richoux tubaman at batnet.com
Mon Jan 3 10:38:32 PST 2005

Joe Tarto, "Titan of the Tuba"  sorry, don't have the lyrics.

Joe wrote the book on how to play jazz tuba/bass - Basic Rhythms and 
the Art of Jazz Improvisation. as I recall it is still available 
through http://charlescolin.com/descript.htm

by the way - I found this interesting website of use to record 

Dave Richoux
On Jan 3, 2005, at 8:55 AM, Dan Augustine wrote:

> DJML--
>     Searching through some old emails from DJML, i ran across Bill 
> Haesler's post from 2000 about the "Bass Ale Blues".  Now, being a 
> beer-enthusiast, i had to listen to this song, and found it at 
> http://www.redhotjazz.com/. It's quite a nice song, with interesting 
> sections and tempo-changes.
>     The song is performed (and listenable) by the Original Memphis 5 
> and by The Hottentots (aka Red Nichols and friends), but neither page 
> mentions who plays the tuba solo. Does anyone know who this is? Also, 
> are there words to this song?  I happen to like Bass Ale quite a bit, 
> as do a number of my friends, and it would be a hoot to sing along to.
>     Dan

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