[Dixielandjazz] How to be a successful bandleader

TCASHWIGG at aol.com TCASHWIGG at aol.com
Sat Jan 1 21:44:54 PST 2005

Be a Band leader who sidemen can work WITH  not FOR.

How to be a successful sideman:

Be a musician who works WITH a Band Leader not FOR him

Don't aspire to take his gig and be a band leader.

Band leaders are made not born, same thing applies to managers and agents.

Respect them and their respective roles in your career and you might have 
one, disrespect them and cheat them and you will get the same in return.

If you are not prepared to work five times as hard as a sideman, don't even 
think about becoming a Bandleader.  In it's finest hour it is not worth the 
headaches you must put up with to support a group of sidemen with Star egos who 
think their talent is what it is all about and you can't do it without them.  
Not to mention that you might make more money than they get paid to show up, 
often late for work and or unprepared for the gig or not even capable of playing 
the gig.  Whoops, but "hey man I showed up so you gotta pay me."

They quickly learn different when they actually become Band leaders for a 
week or two.

Now this oughta start some doo doo on the list for the beginning of the year. 

Cheers and a Happy cantankerous New Year to all.

Tom "Stir it deep" Wiggins

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