[Dixielandjazz] List mate Rob McCallum Visits the Cajun

Steve barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Fri Dec 30 06:37:09 PST 2005

Posted on behalf of Listmate Rob McCallum  who visited Jon Erik Kellso  at
the Cajun last night. Perhaps "Charlie" the trumpeter was Charlie Miller, a
displaced New Orleanian, who plays with Dr. John?

Steve Barbone

Hi Steve,

Just got back from the Cajun.  Heard an excellent couple of sets.  I wasn't
going to go out tonight until I read your post.  This is the first time I've
heard Jon live.  Got to chat with him for a few.  He's also from Detroit.
Turns out we both lived in Hamtramck for awhile (though at different times,
he's a couple of years older than me) and he joked about that.  He said his
place there was great (meaning large and cheap).  They actually  used to
rehearse a big band in it.  Great--that is--if you don't mind your apartment
and your car getting broken into every few months.  Alot of hipster-types in
Detroit live in Hamtramck for awhile and have war stories to tell : )

Honestly though, good swinging set (upright bass and guitar--no drums).
Besides Duke, another cornet player named Charlie (I didn't catch his last
name) sat in for a 3-trumpet line.  Charlie is an excellent player, lots of
style.  I saw him play with Joe Morani (sp?) on Tuesday at the Cajun.  He's
a real tall guy and his playing is reminiscent of Bix.

Anyway, I've got a long bus ride home tomorrow.  I've been in NYC since
Monday afternoon, but have been really under the weather until this evening.
  Glad I got to hear some good music, though.

BTW: Jon Eric-Kellso says "Hi."

All the best,
Rob McCallum

>Snip from post

>This coming Thursday Dec. 29th I will have my pal Duke Heitger, New Orleans'
>hottest trumpet man, with me! Should be some fireworks! He also plays piano
>and sings sometimes. James Chirillo will be gracing the stage with his
>guitar, and bassist Kelly Friesen will once again rock the house as only he
>can. New Orleanian clarinetist Tim Laughlin plans to come sit in, too.
>Don't miss it! Tell your friends! see ya, - Jon

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