[Dixielandjazz] Butch Thompson, Duke Heitger Alert

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Fri Dec 30 03:38:33 PST 2005

Butch and Duke will be on Praii Home Companion this Saturday. PHC will do 2 
shows, the second a 3 hour show starting at 10:00pm Mpls time. Here's the 
description from the PHC newsletter:
This Saturday, from the Fitzgerald Theater, we'll attempt a feat many thought 
impossible. A New Year's Eve triple play. Our first show will feature the 
formidable talents of _Butch Thompson_ 
(http://mail.publicradio.org/site/R?i=5s7QjOIxJjWliQ8XdGbhlg..) , _Duke Heitger_ 
(http://mail.publicradio.org/site/R?i=aPI2zZjbFf13AHvfAPuv1Q..) , _Howard Levy_ 
(http://mail.publicradio.org/site/R?i=7iq1zLb80emylBNOkiB-Iw..) , _Andy Stein_ 
(http://mail.publicradio.org/site/R?i=ISY-e-KlXniND4b01_mJYA..) , _Sally Dworsky_ (http://mai
l.publicradio.org/site/R?i=c7AY4YljGD_tv8ZxP5ZQXw..) , and poet laureate _Billy Collins_ 
(http://mail.publicradio.org/site/R?i=KB5-0oy4lmMwImJC7mHrDg..) , along with The Guy's 
All-Star Shoe Band and the Royal Academy of Radio Acting. Afterwards, Garrison 
will host a gala dinner party for a few hundred of our beloved listeners, 
while we Web cast some of the best New Years material from the past. Then, we'll 
be back for a special late night show (10 pm—1 am CST), featuring all of the 
early cast, completely new material, plus singers _Jearlyn Steele_ 
(http://mail.publicradio.org/site/R?i=N9tBGBgNhjmq39dJhRvJ8Q..)  and Suzanne Ohlman. With 
the help of some B vitamins, an espresso machine, and pure oxygen, we're going 
to party like it's 1999. Again.  
I hope that reference to the early cast includes the Butch Thompson Trio and 
Butch doing some clarinet :-)  
Jack Thomas

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