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Fri Dec 23 13:14:33 PST 2005

Jim/Myrna Goodwin wrote:

> Don't forget there is an Adult Traditional Jazz Camp in San 
> Diego Jan. 19-22, 2006.  There are still spaces in the 
> bass/tuba, trombone, drum, and clarinet classes.  Check out 
> the web site for more information regarding the instructors 
> and registration.  (It might be a great gift.)  
> http://www.dixielandjazzfestival.org/jazzcamp.html

Here's a totally unsolicited testimonial for this camp.  I've been
playing "legit" tuba since 1959, and have dabbled in trad jazz over the
years.  I attended the San Diego Jazz Camp in January 2005, and I
learned more about playing trad jazz in four days that I'd learned in
the previous forty years.  

The classes are scheduled so that you spend mornings with an instructor
who's a professional on your instrument.  You spend mornings with other
players on your instrument, with your instructor.  Afternoons and
evenings are scheduled so that you're in a different 7-piece band every
two hours, with all bands working on the same ten tunes.

I recommend this camp to anyone who wants to become a better trad jazz
player. I'm already registered to attend again in January 2006.

Jim O'Briant
Gilroy, CA

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