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Tue Dec 20 11:51:35 PST 2005

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Please  send me an update, off-line, so that I can give Chester  some  current
information.  When I Googled Dave Gannett, his recording of  "Tubas From
Hell" came up several times and reference to his having played  with the
"Black Dogs" but not with them currently.

Dave is currently not playing OKOM. He has a ministry in Alabama.
He had to quit playing tuba entirely for a period of time following an  
accident. But he recently picked it up . . . don't know how well he's playing as  
last I spoke with him, he was happy to just get a sound to come out.
Dave was my tubist/bassist for a period of time, and has always been a very  
close friend. I do not believe you'll see Dave return to secular music.

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