[Dixielandjazz] Re: Strange email

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Sat Dec 17 10:02:11 PST 2005

Bill Haesler wrote:

>[snip]> On November 30 I got - via this list - an email from Steve Barbone
>with the subject "LA jazz bands".
>However, I cannot open it, stronger yet: when I click on it Outlook Express
>jams! Has anybody else got this problem?<
>Dear Gerard,
>I received this email from Steve at the time with no ill effect. It is still
>on file and I opened it again just now with no problems.
>I also opened the mystery link that Steve provided.
>Also no problem.
>I have a Mac using MS Entourage for Mac OS X for my email.
>My Outlook Express was quarantined several years ago, with about 3 months of
>my email files. 
>Ever since it froze everything and put me out off air for nearly a month!
>Kind regards,
>Dixielandjazz mailing list
>Dixielandjazz at ml.islandnet.com
Since I switched to Mozilla (Foxfire) I have had no problems with bugs. 
I no longer use Outlook Exrpess -- the Mozilla program does all the 
other did and more.
I set all for plain text mail receive and send. After two major rashe 
thnaks to failure of the OE program, even with Nprton up the Kazoo, I 
now avoid it liek the plague.
Don Ingle

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