[Dixielandjazz] Nasty Jazz Players?

Steve barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Fri Dec 16 13:39:58 PST 2005

"Alan Parr" <df08 at dial.pipex.com> writes (on another jazz list)

>Anyone who reads the UK's Independent newspaper may have spotted a letter in
>the Education section.

>A parent writes:
>"I am furious to discover my daughter's history teacher is playing the
>clarinet in a local jazz band several evenings a week .... Can I complain to
>the school? Can the school stop him".
>In this day and age it's difficult to believe that anyone still believes
>that playing jazz is something vulgar that the authorities should forbid.
>(It's also difficult to believe that there are any local jazz bands which get
>the opportunity to play several times a week, but that's by the way.)

>The parent's letter appears in a regular "Quandary" feature which solicits
>readers' responses. I have of course responded to point out that (a) I do
>not imagine that she expects the school to tell her how she should spend her
>own evenings, (b) that I doubt whether she sees fit to order her doctor,
>solicitor, or plumber how to spend their spare time, (c) that creative
>music-making is a process which enriches (that's not the right word, but we
>know what I mean) the performer and hence his pupils, (d), etc.

>If anyone else wants to contribute, emails should be sent to the editor
>of the column: h.wilce at btinternet.com.   (I guess it would be particularly
>nice to have reactions from anyone who's actually got a background in both
>playing and in education.) The newspaper requests you include details of your
>postal address, although this should not be printed. The closing date for
>responses is Monday. You may even win a pen and eraser set.

>Alan Parr

How about it Brits? Any comments?


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