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Musicians are usually hired on a per job basis.  There are Co-op groups and 
partnerships that have financial ties to each other which can get very 
sticky when the party is over..  Just how do you get rid of a partner or a 
Co-op member who has money in the group.  I could see where these things 
could end up in court.  I don't see how the standard band leader who hires 
musicians as sub contractors on a job to job basis could have a problem with 
this unless they bad mouthed the musician or did something else.

There is an individual here that is suing a band.  I think that nothing has 
come from it but there is really good reason to let him go.  The band is a 
non profit but the player has said that he has lost income (???) and has had 
his reputation damaged.  Unfortunately the individual is a lawyer and can 
cause the band a lot of problems.  If there is a case filed I among others 
will be called to testify of his drunkenness and not showing up to jobs 
among other things.  One of the jobs he missed was because a judge threw him 
in jail for taking a swing at a bailiff who decked him.  This suit doesn't 
have a chance but yet he can file a case if he wants and cause the musicians 
to have to hire an attorney thereby costing them big bucks.  He wins no 
matter what happens.

I wonder what the whole story is.  Steve left out the part about why he was 
fired if that makes any difference.

So far as litigation being pointless, it sounds to me like there were big 
bucks involved and that is very much to the point for someone.

It's unlikely that anyone will ever hire that string player again.  A 
perfect case of Gigacide.
St. Louis

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> Very, very interesting.  And points up just how POINTLESSLY litigious the 
> world is.  Who, for God's sake, can't understand the concept of "being 
> fired"?  Being a gov't employee, I can say, with firsthand knowledge, that 
> this [fella] must not have understood that the public sector is 
> catch-as-catch-can.  And the MUSICAL sector, even more so!
> I would like to say that those whom he sued should find a way to sue him 
> in return.  But that wouldn't be Christian of me...,
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