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I presume that was Stormin' Norman Burbank.  He played with the Hambone
Kelly's Half Fast Banjo Band at Hambone Kelly's Banjo Emporium and Eatery in
Boonton NJ in the late 1970's.  He's a monster on tuba.

We worked together with Rocco Patierno on Tuba, Bobby Martinez on banjo and
Dave Wilson on drums. Rocco was/is incredible on trombone. Rocco and Norman
also worked with the Buffalo Disaster Jazz Band at Hambone's during the same

I believe they (Norman, Rocco and Bobby) are still working alternate
weekends at the New Orleans Family Restaurant in Somerset, New Jersey.  They
alternate with the Chuck Slate band.

Every time I go back to Jersey, I swear I'm going to get to see these guys,
but never do. Pity...

If anyone sees Norman, give him my absolute best!

Jack Bryce
Currently serving....
The Dave Littlefield Bands

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> Please forgive this personal message to: DAVE HANSEN in Atlanta (I don't
have his email address)
> DAVE, I gigged with "Stormin Norman" at The Showboat in Atlantic City
yesterday.  He subbed for our regular guy and says you will remember him as
being in the band with you at  "Ruby Red's" for a few months in 1971.  He
remembers you and sends you his best. He is still the finest self taught
Tuba Player in the world. He  lives in Tom's River NJ, gigs as a regular in
the other band at the Showboat and has gigged off and on with me since 1991.
> Cheers,
> Steve Barbone
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