[Dixielandjazz] Christmas

Jim Kashishian jim at kashprod.com
Sat Dec 10 10:53:13 PST 2005

So why do these songs considered Christmas or holiday songs?
Hal Vickery

I would say, Hal, mainly 'cause they are associated with our childhoods, or
our children's childhoods.  Come live over here in Spain and you'd find they
have their own songs, both religious & non that are played relentlessly
every year.  And, everyone loves them.

Actually, Spanish Christmas doesn't even happen.  Everyone sleeps most of
the day on the 25th!  The 24th is a 10pm family dinner leading up to Mass
which begins at midnite, and night life until dawn.  Gifts come for the
children on the 6th of January, as the 3 Kings travel to bring their gifts
on the 5th.  A bit more religious than our Santa, I suppose!

We used to go to Dublin every Christmas with our kids (the wife's home) as
it was the only way we could feel Christmassy, and hear those songs you guys
are kicking around, both religious & non.

Now, our kids all come home for Christmas (there's a song there!), as it is
a way for them to be together with us, and get out to see their childhood

Christmas dinner?  At the Westin Palace Hotel in Madrid.  They do a
Christmas brunch (read turkey) since Westin (an American chain) bought the
grand, old hotel.  No Christmas music, only a harp strumming away, mostly
classical things.  But, we play all those Christmas CD's at home during gift
giving.  It's Christmas!  Don't be a Scrooge....    :>


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