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> Rap has been around since the 70's. Back then it was really great for the
> young people. No cursing, no filth, etc. Filled with great promise as a 
> form
> of musical poetry with a message.
> Since that time it has evolved into some pretty nasty stuff. Especially on
> the CD versions, or live performances which are not censored.

L.W. Since I am not a fan of non music, music I guess I only hear the stuff 
that comes to me from the car next to me at lights but It isn't music and it 
is foul and it is in your face.  I don't think that this has a whole lot to 
do with music.  I don't stand in the middle of the street and hurl 
obscenities at my neighbors and call it art.  If I did I might be arrested. 
What then is the difference between someone doing the same thing on wheels. 
In a greater sense I am his neighbor and he is through the speakers in his 
car in the middle of the street using objectional language and disturbing my 
peace and saying things that my kids, if I had young ones, shouldn't hear. 
This is a provication that thousands of people are subjected to every day on 
the streets.  The only saving grace is that you can drive away from it but 
often it's so loud that rolling up your windows doesn't help much.  No 
wonder white people see it in racial terms.  As it has been said before RAP 
plays into racial stereotypes.
> When you compare the radio broadcast versions of today's rap to the same
> songs(?) released for the CD market they are quite mild. For proof listen 
> to
> 50 Cent on the radio and then buy the same song on CD. Woowee!!!!!

L.W. Even those versions are pretty stiff and have a lot of questionable 
language as well as violence toward women especially.  I have listened to 
some of those versions and watched them on BET.  I still say it's pretty 
much in your face.
> Interesting that jazz seems to have evolved in opposite manner. Started 
> off
> as erotic; whore house piano players;

LW. But if you didn't want to listen to it you just didn't go to whore 
houses.  Today it's very difficult to not hear it at least in this city. 
You can't choose to not listen.

filled with inside sex messages; F...
> the rest of the world connotations;

LW This is my point and it doesn'thave much to do with music but rather 
attitudes which are negative.  Music and art should make you feel better not 

played in Gangster Joints where the law
> (prohibition) was ignored; music the Mob loved; a myriad of drug related
> messages; in the midst of shootings and killings etc. Now evolved into 
> "Art"
> and played frequently in Churches.

L.W. Does that make the foul, violent kind OK then?  I hope not.
> Those of us my age, who were working jazz musicians shortly after WW 2,
> remember well that the establishment looked upon jazz musicians as sex
> crazed, women chasing, ignorant druggies/alcoholics and generally
> categorized as the scum of the earth. And if you played in an integrated
> band, you were, screamed at as a "nigger lover" which, to the ignorant
> whites who screamed, was the worst thing they could say about another 
> white.

LW -You don't have to be that old to have had this experiance.  It happened 
at a public concert a couple of years ago.  The featrued artists were black 
and the leader as well as the sponsor got hate mail over it.  These 
attitudes still there and I guess that I just think RAP makes this situation 
worse than better kuind of like pouring gasoline on a fire.
> Those negative establishment opinions were even stronger in the 1920's and
> 30's according to oral and written history.
> Hmmmmmm.
> Cheers,
> Steve
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