[Dixielandjazz] Mea Culpa -- Guilty as Charged

Don jdrobertson at att.net
Thu Dec 8 15:44:42 PST 2005

Jim O'Briant wrote:

>Tonight I've been working on my "busy social calendar" for the first half of
>2006, and that includes notes on which jazz clubs meet on which dates, and
>which bands are booked for which meetings.  Somewhat to my dismay, most jazz
>clubs in Northern California seem to be doing a pretty good job of keeping
>that information secret.
As a board member of the Napa Valley Dixieland Jazz Society, I know we 
are guilty of neglecting a WEB site.  We did have a branch off of 
JazzDance.org, but were told by the organizer a couple of years ago, he 
was going to abandon it.  I'm surprised to see it is still up, but only 
for 3 bands.  We have a few "techies" in the club, but I don't think any 
of us know how to set up a WEB site.  I would be willing to try, and 
will investigate what is involved.  I've just now seen some suggestions 
from listmates.   We do have a monthly entry in the calendar section of 
napavalley.com/events.html, but it is buried among the winery events, 
and probably not visible to even google.  Listmate, Bob Shoring, bless 
his heart, does a DJML post every month reminding all on the list of our 
monthly session, (second Sunday at "the lodge" 2840 Soscol in Napa. 
--We're not supposed to say in print the "E" word -- think big animal 
with antlers) and who the feature band is.  (for December-- he posted on 

Friends of Jazz in Walnut Creek is a venue for Ken Keeler's Devil 
Mountain Jazz Band.  They recently lost their venue at the Walnut Creek 
Veterans Hall.  It is being demolished to make room for "progress".  
They have just started up again at the Danville Grange (third Saturday 
2-5).  Ken has a WEB site www.jazznut.com, which lists the Friends of 
Jazz gig, but again, it doesn't seem to be found by google. 

Don Robertson
Napa, CA

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