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NO JAZZ AIN"T DEAD  folks are still looking for it everyday,  so it 
must be just Hiding :))


Tom  Super agent Wiggins

See guys I can smell money 1600 miles away and often further than that.

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Just passing it on guys:   Somebody grab it.

Tom   Reply information below

      Need wedding band/musicians for reception and ceremony

  Date: 2005-12-05, 5:26PM PST

  We live out of town and are planning an August wedding in Seattle. We 
are looking for:
   1) a band for the reception. Must play jazz standards, as well as 
cheesey dance music and know how to work the crowd.
   2) A musician or group for the ceremony and to possibly play during 
dinner. Strings, keyboard, etc. We are open to various possibilities.

   Please let me know if you might be interested in either of these jobs 
and send your website if you have one.

   email   Reply to:                     comm-116065451 at craigslist.org

           this is in or around Seattle, Washington

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