[Dixielandjazz] Recording on cardboard

George G. Loring giddygid at excite.com
Sun Dec 4 19:55:28 PST 2005

Just a small addition to recording materials lore: My family had a Wilcox-Gay "Recordio", a receiver with a turntable,etc., and a recording head which we used to exchange messages from our Southern cousins (we lived in Masschusetts).

Later on I used it to record jazz on both metal based acetate disks, and then, during WWII, to record on glass-based disks. I remember well recording the Saturday afternoon Eddie Condon concerts, which have since been issued, 

and I remember one that I recorded on cardboard, of Jack Teagarden from the Southland night club in Boston. I believe that there have been issues of those broadcasts as well.

I may have some pretty worthwhile material on reel-to-reel tapes which is gradually deteriorating, and I have a feeling I may never take the time needed to get around to preserving it for posterity. I live north of Boston, MA. If someone in this area  would like the challenge of going through some of the material with me and determining if it is worth transferring it to some more lasting medium, it may be that I have some performances that ought to be preserved. Teddy Wilson and Joe Venuti material from FM radio come to mind 

right off, and but, without looking at my files, I have the feeling there are items by other musicians.

If there is such interest, contact me off list, with a clear indication of the source and subject of the email, as I get a lot of spam, and trash it if I don't want it.

Giddy Gid


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