[Dixielandjazz] Re: Bing Crosby Out Take

Bill Haesler bhaesler at bigpond.net.au
Sun Dec 4 01:20:48 PST 2005

Dear Bob,
When I was in my teens, I had an acetate copy of that Bing out-take of "Wrap
Your Troubles In Dreams".
I didn't play it to my mum either. (My Grandma had gone by then.)
Not only does Bing call the A&R men "dirty bastards" he also followed it
with some blasphemy!
Now for the details.
It was recorded for Decca on 9 June 1939 accompanied by John Scott Trotter
and His Orchestra.
The side (presumably an first take) was test pressed and allocated a 'C'
take. Too spontaneous to be a gag. It was not long before copies of the test
were circulated. 
The approved rendition was issued as take 'A'.
It is/was on CD - 'Bing Crosby. Rare and Uncensored' (MS Records CD-81).
I have a copy. 
"Jingle Bells" with the Andrews Sisters, mentioned by Hal Vickery is also on
this CD.
With regard to Spike Jones' "By The Beautiful Sea" (13 Nov 1947), referred
to in Don Ingle's post, Don not only knows the offending lyric line, but
also knows that that although RCA originally released the side ( Victor
20-2861) as the backing to "The William Tell Overture", "By The Beautiful
Sea" was almost immediately replaced by "The Man On the Flying Trapeze",
using the same catalogue number. After the disc was withdrawn details of the
original coupling were erased from the RCA files. Never existed so far as
they were concerned!.
Some members of the Jones' band later claimed that the fluff was not
deliberate and careful listening with earphones confirms this. But on a low
sound quality 78 in the 40s it sure sounds like wot Don won't write in a
DJML email. 
Nor would I.
However, the normally staid English had no problems with it and in March
1949 issued "By The Beautiful Sea" in the HMV catalogue, where it remained
for years. 
I too know the risqué line. If you want to hear it the side is/was on an
English Avid CD (AMSC 630).
Or write to me off-list.
Kind regards,

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